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With the Lilies and Sparrows

If Love were caused to be a form of life,

an entity that walked upon the earth–

my mind envisions wings of ebony,

with plumage blue as sky and sea and soul;

with eyes that challenge stars to burn as bright

in midst of day; with voice that roars like winds

and murmurs like the breeze; with talons sharp

as sabers; light of foot and soft as mist

in lighting on the nest inside the heart.

What wonder, then, that Love would choose to come

as one like me, would choose to don this flesh

and walk this painful road to Paradise

that I might join Him there eternally.

My soul cries out for joy; words fail me.


If you’re looking for wisdom, I have it.

I have the wisdom to say, as Socrates did: “I know nothing, and I know that I know nothing.”

I’m just a college kid, a fellow wanderer of this strange and beautiful place called life, a pilgrim traversing the rocky road to Paradise. What gets me through is Love Himself, the Divine Romancer, the Prince of Peace. How do we come to know Him? Prayer, of course, but also through beauty. Beauty is an expression of truth, and God IS the UltimateTruth. His love, revealed in truth that expresses itself in beauty, is a formidable ocean, It’s my goal to immerse myself in the sapphire sea, to veritably drown myself, entrust myself to Him entirely.

So I’ll share my poetry and what insights I may have. Truth after all was meant to be shared. I pray this may be enlightening, and I look forward to sharing my journey with you, my brothers and sisters in Christ.

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