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Cradled in Winter Winds

Sitting here in a rocking chair, watching the snow fall, I find myself both stunned that a year has come and gone so soon and amazed that everything that happened fit into just one stretch of 365 days.

And I find myself pleased with where I am, but also restless to begin again, to jump in and continue this  amazingly  beautiful pilgrimage of life.

This year has been both stressful and painful. Judging only by that, this year was the worst year of my life, bar none.

But praise God, this year has also been immensely blessed. Looking at all the good and  improvement, it was certainly the most joyful.

Yet neither  sufficiently sums up the journey that was this year. Truth is, I think it is most accurate, all things considered, to say that this year was the most fruitful year of my life. The pain was not just passion, but was transformed by God’s grace to be an instrument of growth, and the joy and blessings were beautiful reminders of His love and mercy.

So I want to start again, and see what else is in store.

But for now, I will simply continue rocking and watch the snow fall, grateful to God and to all those who made this year the most fruitful year of my life.

May God bless you abundantly and make this year fruitful for you all.

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