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Canticle of the Easter People

Unveiling the morning, awaking the dawn,

an eternal anthem in glory goes on

and on and on ever, and ever, ’til time

may no longer carry the weight of the rhyme.


Proclaiming the noon-tide, upholding the day,

a single song swells and will never decay,

for decay is defeated, and death has no sting,

for the Lamb Who was slain mounts his throne now as king.


Exhorting the evening, declaring day’s end,

no longer will man ‘neath the weight of sin bend;

nay, now sings the song of the dead that shall rise

with the King of the Crucifix into the skies.


Invading the darkness, destroying the night,

e’en still sings the song of the Heavenly light,

of the promise of Christ which debilitates Hell:

Death can’t stop the story your life’s meant to tell.


Unveiling the morning, awaking the dawn,

the great Hallelujah of Easter rings on

and on and on ever on your lips and mine.

To Father, Son, Spirit, all glory be thine!


A freaking blessed Easter to all of you, brothers and sisters in Christ! He is Risen indeedn, Hallelujah! And a happy NaPoWriMo, fellow poets! A poem a day for a month? Bring it on! I’ll try to keep haiku’s to one a week tops. 😀


Easter Morn

A wisp of angel tears falls from the realm

of joy to kiss the earth, and clouded skies

deny the full resplendent burst of rays

ethereal from touching her too soon.

That this of all days woven into time

by He who holds the tapestry in hand–

today, the day His Son rose gloriously

and shattered death’s repugnant victory–

should start with falling rain and shadowed skies.


Yet almost, almost, just beyond the words

unraveling within confusedly,

I see the strange design, the message clear

of mystery so trivial to be.

Renewal, Mystery; these brethren are

the answer: rain to raise the sleeping ground

in glory, cloud to cover joy and light

too wondrous yet for us to comprehend

yet let  in just a sliver, keeping hope.


Wondrous are your miracles unseen,

Oh Lord! My joy, my hope, remain in you.

Resplendent light, you shine not to be seen

but deep within, igniting love and flame

of passion, such that chains fall like the rain

to clatter on the pavement left behind

for fields, refreshing  life. Alleluia!

This is my song, my life, my hope, the song

that frees the world from sin. Come, Church! Rejoice!



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