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Stained Glass

Light fell like roses

through her glassy sapphire frame

on my tear-stained face.


And a haiku for day 4. Guys. Poetry writing is harder than I remember.


These crystal eyes brush by your sleek, elegant stroll

with a stammer,

and my body shakes

and sheds fearful tears in profusion.


Your purring laugh

rolls across my drooping ears

and churns my insides

outside my panicking chest.

I turn,

and you lock your leopardine eyes on my soul.


The touch of a million moonbeams rests on my fragile heart.


For a moment,

all is still,

all is lost,

all is found.


We part.


But the touch of a million moonbeams still rests on my fragile heart.


Day 3 down, 3 to go.

For a Brother

In shadows few would dare to breach he makes a second home,

a villa of veracity upon a catacomb,

with ghosts in every lonely hall and angels in the dome.


He dusts the stair with tender care and draws the curtains back

to let the light sit for a spell, then sends it charging back

before it has a chance to see the scars upon his back.


Oh that he’d see, ‘twixt him and me, no self-defense will stand;

a crack is all required to see within that weary land.

Oh give me strength to give my heart as I stretch out my hand.


Who knew keeping up with a poem a day would be so tough? (Not that having actual adult responsibilities has anything to do with that or anything…) Time to play catch up! Day 2 down, four more poems to go.

Canticle of the Easter People

Unveiling the morning, awaking the dawn,

an eternal anthem in glory goes on

and on and on ever, and ever, ’til time

may no longer carry the weight of the rhyme.


Proclaiming the noon-tide, upholding the day,

a single song swells and will never decay,

for decay is defeated, and death has no sting,

for the Lamb Who was slain mounts his throne now as king.


Exhorting the evening, declaring day’s end,

no longer will man ‘neath the weight of sin bend;

nay, now sings the song of the dead that shall rise

with the King of the Crucifix into the skies.


Invading the darkness, destroying the night,

e’en still sings the song of the Heavenly light,

of the promise of Christ which debilitates Hell:

Death can’t stop the story your life’s meant to tell.


Unveiling the morning, awaking the dawn,

the great Hallelujah of Easter rings on

and on and on ever on your lips and mine.

To Father, Son, Spirit, all glory be thine!


A freaking blessed Easter to all of you, brothers and sisters in Christ! He is Risen indeedn, Hallelujah! And a happy NaPoWriMo, fellow poets! A poem a day for a month? Bring it on! I’ll try to keep haiku’s to one a week tops. 😀


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