A Christmas Prayer

Listen, O man,

listen to the voice of the angels

singing over Creation

to the hearts of the shepherds

sleeping on the darkened hills

outside Bethlehem.


A silver star shines

over tired streets,

where the children of the poor lie


ever waiting.


Oh, brethren.

How we bleed,

the chains of our sins

digging deeper into our skins by the moment.

Our hearts lie bound

by broken years

and tightening fears,

drowning in tears



That is,

until the awe of angels

falls on the ears of men,

and God from eternity

takes on mortal flesh,

weaving time and eternity in close union

through the womb of a virgin.


Oh gentle Lamb,

wander, we pray,

from the snowy caves of Bethlehem

to the darkened alleyways of our hearts,

bringing the hope of the star

and the angel-song of joy.


Make our souls a pleasing creche,

Sweet Virgin,

for your Son to lie within,

swaddled in hearts stitched by grace.


Come, Oh Lord,

and make in my very self

an everlasting Christmas.



Christ is come. He is come into our very lives, met us in the depths of our downfall to lift us up above the stars into his very heart forever. Welcome him, and make in your heart a lasting home for Him; pray that the Holy Spirit, by the intercession of the immaculate Heart of Mary, may make you a fitting Tabernacle for the Lord Jesus Christ, Love Incarnate, born for us a tiny infant to die for us, that we might spend eternity with Him.

Merry Christmas, everyone, and may God bless you and your loved ones abundantly with peace, health, joy, and love. 🙂

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