Sestina to the Night

The sun falls sweepingly behind the night

into its pool of sweet serenity,

and soon its friend celestial takes the skies,

the splendid moon, sweet peace to men

who seek the face of God in stormy day

and find their rest in her most gentle light.


The singing stars arise to add their light

to this, the tapestry of deepest night

unfurled in splendor at the close of day,

and give the poet’s heart serenity.

They dance above and call to weary men

to turn their tired eyes to sleepy skies.


For we who set our souls upon the skies

and rise to bathe ourselves in splendor’s light

are soon reminded that we, too, are men

whose wings can never reach behind the night,

yet yearn still for the deep serenity

afforded by the light of truth’s bright day.


And so we feel a darkness in the day,

an endless tugging from the very skies

that slowly pulls away serenity

and turns to bitterness our thirst for light

too bright for us to see. In day is night,

a darkness yet unknown to other men.


And yet, when light bestows itself  on men,

reveals itself like dawn reveals the day,

what joy breaks through and sweeps away the night!

Yet not in sweeps; no, rather, through the skies

inside, it sparkles with a calmer light

that gives its own complete serenity.


Like stars and moons, this new serenity

sings silently into the hearts of men

with gentle peace, and even gentler light

that slowly pours the brilliant light of day

in softer beams. The story of our skies

is born as stars and moon inside the night.


Go, fly now to the night’s serenity,

and revel in the skies of fellow men,

as day’s sweet sister shines her tender light.


Well, not sure if that made sense at all…being sick and trying to write a sestina at 10 o’clock at night isn’t generally a recipe for success. But hey, it’s there, and I’m caught back up. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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